For Salih Habibi, the last thing he remembered was his father telling him to carry freedom in his heart. It was just an idea, and there was no time or luxury to dream of such things, especially when each day was simply a matter of survival.
Dean Sutton has always known the value of liberty but when he is sent to Iraq as a contract worker he finds himself in constant danger that tests his courage as he faces an unrelenting enemy. He struggles daily between doing the right thing or what his corrupt boss, Hank, wants him to do.

While exploring a suburb of Baghdad, Dean runs into some suspicious men and realizes they are terrorists, he has a decision to make; does he save the innocent women or does he follow policy and avoid getting involved?

With their vastly different understanding of freedom, Salih and Dean are set on a collision course where the lives of thousands are at stake and one vision of liberty must prevail.

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